Sokol Movement

It’s 6th and 7th of July 2018. The peak of the 16th AllSokol Slet which takes place at Prague’s Eden Stadium. Thousands of people gather in one place to perform together mass gymnastics performances. Who are those individuals in the crowd and what is their motivation to exercise the whole year? Is it just to perform for live and TV audience? From the slet’s very beginning to its stressful peak our audience is accompanied by the reporter from local television, who remarks humorous and exaggerated events he witnesses. The film is a reflection of the actual situation of the Sokol Movement and its importance in history. Throughout the collective character of exercisers we will be mostly focused on 5 characters – young exerciser Radek, trainer of “Borci” mass gymnastics performance Miroslav Vrana, lifetime active trainer Vera Bicanova, author of collaborative Czech and Slovak mass gymnastics performance Emilia Fialova and the current head of Sokol Movement Petr Svoboda, those are the people who are taking part in the Slet for various reasons and motivations and help to its successful climax.

A feature length documentary film directed by Maria Pincikova.

Currently in post-production.

More information (in Slovak language only) at producer’s website

Produced by

PubRes (SR), CinePoint (CZ)