Droste from portfolio on Vimeo.

Short experimental film.
Process of work – Seemingly unconnectable lines – production of chocolate cakes on the physical level and physical research on the atomic level. We observe individual lines during the film which run parallely next to each other, until they merge – an explosion of the “Špic” cake which shatters into tiny pieces.
The way how we perceive things, how they appear to us, how real they are, is only the matter of the point of view.
Research as a work, Cake as a cluster of atoms, Atoms as parts of bigger units which are related to each other as well as they aren’t.

Shot on: HI8 tapes

Written and directed by Mária Pinčíková
Cinematography Mária Pinčíková and Radka Šišuláková
Edited by Tomáš Holocsy
Sound design Adam Dekan
Executive producer Peter Baran

Special thanks to Slovak Academy of Science

© FTF VŠMU, 2014