De Luxe from portfolio on Vimeo.

We invite you to spend the New Year’s Eve in the local community centre with your relatives and friends. You can look forward to an ample programme, singing performances and best jokes of the last year. Who will win the raffle’s main prize?

Observation of the New Year’s Eve party in Bratislava. From the beginning until its tragic end. We can see bizarre figures alternating in front of our eyes – retirees who spend their New Year’s Eve like this. Their entertainment is on the edge of their life when we realize the finiteness on one hand and how we are always the same on the other hand.

Tragicomedy – originating at heart of the human being – ambivalence of individual situations which we sometimes laugh about, sometimes they appear sad to us and sometimes embarrassing. The situations carry all the positions of life and they flip from one to another just like the life itself.

Screened at Film Festival Acko 2017 / Ofcial Selection — Competition
Screen at International Film Festival Bratislava 2017 / Students Films: VŠMU

Written and directed by Mária Pinčíková
Cinematography: Radka Šišuláková, Michal Fulier, Michaela Hošková, Marek Fischer
Sound design Tomáš Bauer
Composed music by Monika Kováčová
Edited by Tomáš Holocsy
Executive producer Peter Baran

© FTF VŠMU 2016